Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving 1-4

I have been watching people post on facebook daily the things they are thankful for in life. Here are mine, one for every day in November.

1) For my son Isaac's therapy team. What wonderful people I have the privilege to know! Seriously, we are lucky. Our therapists are awesome. They are compassionate and kind. Not only have they helped my son make great strides in his development, they have listened to me being almost constantly stressed. Two of the therapists worked with Jonah as well and it is so nice that they held him, and that they remember him. They are not only our therapists, they are our dear friends. I will be so sad when Isaac ages out of the therapy program in February, but I hope they will keep in touch with us and I wish them all the blessings life has to offer.

2) For my husband. Since marrying in 2005, we have been through a lot. He sat by my side when I was pregnant with our first child and had food poisoning. That was not a pretty picture and I knew from then on I had a winner. Earlier this year he revisited his caretaking role when I broke my ankle and needed help for almost everything. We have each lost 2 grandparents during our marriage as well as him losing his father and me losing my mother. We have given birth to 4 children, including one set of twins. We have miscarried a baby. Of course the most difficult thing so far is that we have buried our beloved child. Together we have navigated medical appointments and special needs services for our children. We have a long but hopefully rich journey ahead of us. I'm grateful to have a steady partner in life.

3) For my OB office. I know this might be a strange one, but this is just another place where God has put some truly amazing people into my life. Everyone who works there is so caring. Three of the ladies who work there came to Jonah's visitation to support me. I am honored to call them friends. I am grateful to know that when Justin and I are ready for another child, these people will be there to support us and help us through another high risk pregnancy with no judgement, only love.

4) For my inheritance from my mother. My mom didn't leave me money when she died, but she did leave me a rich inheritance of friends. Whenever I am in need they are there, to listen, to pray, to bring meals, to offer advice, to play with my kids, anything. I may have lost my mom, but she made sure I had lots of awesome mothers in my life!

More to come...

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